Hi, I am Shankar Kulkarni, India’s First Financial Confidence Coach….

I am on a mission to help 1 Lakh people become financially confident by 2025.

After failing in pursuing my dream of becoming a full time musician, I went on to help other individuals to get financially confident.

After working with different companies for more than 10 plus years, I am now on a journey of sharing my best kept secrets.

When I was with a Company called Hiree, we were struggling to hit the 3 months average. That is when I had to come up with a System which will help prospect better, pitch better and close faster.

It all goes back to my dark days. I wanted to take up music as my full time profession. I just loved music (Indian Classical Music) more than myself. I went to my Guruji’s place to study the same in detail.

My Mission

“Empower others to chase their dreams, live in the
moment, and continuously pursue a passionate lifestyle as
opposed to an ordinary one. Build a community where we
as inspire each other and achieve our dreams
together. Create relationships that last a lifetime,
using social media and content creation to create real,
authentic relationships—the exact opposite of what society
expects from ‘social media.’”

I am on a mission to help 10,000 others to reach their true potential and live a Fulfilled, Happy & Prosperous life.

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