“10 Ideas per day” Daily Article Series. – Day 1

“10 Ideas per day” Daily Article Series. – Day 1

Idea economy

This is day 1 of the article series.

I will be sharing 10 ideas every single day. This will be on Sales, Life Hacks, Marketing, Growth hacking, Business, Health, Personality Development, Mindset, Heartset, Soulset, Toolset, Financial Freedom, Trading and Stock Market.

This will be a combination of Links, Book ideas, Advise, Affirmations, Hacks and many more.

Here you go…

  1. Inhale Love, prosperity, abundance, joy, peace, radiant health and exhale hatred, diseases, uneasiness.
  2. Sweat every day. – Workout, walk, Jogging, play
  3. Have a place for everything and everything in its place.
  4. Work on Idea Sex. (One Idea + another Idea)
  5. Skill Stacking
  6. Don’t lose any opportunity to mentally thank whatever you can be thankful about every day.
  7. Think in systems and mini systems
  8. Use “One Tab” Chrome extension to compress all your tabs into just one. (Productivity Tip)
  9. Write everyday.
  10. Make videos everyday.

One thought on ““10 Ideas per day” Daily Article Series. – Day 1

  1. Amazing post Shankar. Thank you for sharing. I am in action!

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