Do Constraints really create creativity?

Do Constraints really create creativity?

I am a big fan of the thought “Constraints create Creativity”. If you have 10 mins to prepare a keynote, you will do it in 10 mins. It might not be perfect. But it gets done.

constraints create creativity

If you have 1 month to prepare, you will take full one month. My best of best presentations are created overnight.

Engineers and Sales Professionals can resonate well with this. Engineers wait for the end of the semester and then take the photocopies of the important books. Then study in the last 2 days.

When I was doing my MBA, I have studied only in the last 2 days. Sales Professionals relax for the first 2 months and go all out in the last 1 month to achieve the Quarterly targets. (there are guys who get done with their targets in the last week of the quarter 🙂

The question is “how do constraints create creativity?”

Do they make you




I don’t know.

How about putting a constraint on your most difficult task today?

A constraint can be,

-time limit

-smaller budget

-using only one color

-you must not sit till you complete

-you can not eat anything you complete


Get more creative by breaking the pattern. Do this and let me know…

might elevate you or you might get fired 🙂 either way it can hilarious…




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