How it ALL Happened!

Meet Shankar Kulkarni

``I Finally Stopped Running Away from Myself. Who else is there to be better be`` — Goldie Hawn

Hi, I am Shankar Kulkarni

What can I do for you?


I can train you and your team members on High Ticket Selling. This leads to better prospecting, Higher Conversions, Happier Employees, and of course more money to your company.


Who am I?

Hey there, I am Shankar Kulkarni and I am a Sales Coach for Entrepreneurs.


An engineer by mistake, Musician at heart, Passionate about “Why People do What they Do?”


Why Listen to me?

I am an advisor and Sales Growth Consultant to some really cool companies.

I have been part of 2 explosive growth stories. In one of the stories that I spearheaded, I could produce a 50X results.

After closing more than 3423 sales in my decade-plus long career, I have come up with my own Sales System that is now helping many Entrepreneurs to hone their Sales Skills.

My exposure ranges across startups, large corporates in the field of e-recruitment, IT, Personal Finance.

I have trained more than 100 Sales Professionals who are now doing some epic sales. Built strategies, a roadmap to more than 25 Businesses in India and USA.

Why am I on a mission to help Entrepreneurs to scale their Business?

You see, unlike you, I did not have the right mentor when growing up. I failed in scaling up my own firm Profit System because I did not have the right Sales strategies. Although it was a great product.

That is when I made a commitment to help 1,000 entrepreneurs to scale their business using my time tested, practical, Sales Strategies. The question is are you one among them?

Some nice things people have said about Shankar:


Shibaram Mishra:

Incredible Sales System. We are amazed by the results it is producing for us.

Ian Cooombe:

Profit Triangle that Shankar shared was amazing. If you get a chance to work with him, don’t hesitate at all.

Sam Cawthorn:

What an amazing speaker Shankar is. He just wowed the audience with his concepts. Not only because of the depth of the contents, but also the way he shared that with the powerful inspirational story. Highly recommend him as a speaker at your next event.

Abhilash Karayat:

Shankar is an intelligent trainer with his peculiar style that fascinates anyone who’s been working in sales/business development. His richness of real-life stories and well handling of interaction with the audience are the elements that wave a magic spell to the people attending his mentorship.

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