meet shankar kulkarni

Shankar Kulkarni is considered as India’s First Financial Confidence Coach…

He is on a mission to help 1 Lakh people become Financially Confident by 2025. The Only Question is are you one of them who not only want to become financially free but become financially confident using his Profit Triangle for Success.

From skipping breakfast to directly have lunch to save some money to becoming Financially Free is a story worth looking at. Coming from a humble background, he went on to help others cut short their journey by 60%.


“Empower others to chase their dreams, live in the moment, and continuously pursue a passionate lifestyle as opposed to an ordinary one. Build a community where we inspire each other and achieve our dreams together. Helping People Trade and Invest with Confidence and achieve the Financial Freedom that they deserve and reclaim their LIFE back. ”

Want to Work with Shankar Kulkarni?
Personal Coaching

One 2 One coaching is the toughest and the costliest to get from Shankar Kulkarni. He has a waiting period of 90 days for his new clients.

Group Coaching

You can join Shankar’s Inner circle Tribe of People who are called as The Genius Community. You can enquire about how you can be part of his Inner circle

Keynote Speaker

You can invite him as a Keynote speaker.

He speaks on various topics like Stock Market, GEM triangle, Business Growth, Sales Strategies.

Online Courses

This is the Easiest way to experience the power of Shankar’s Magic. He conducts 5 days training and you can book your seat at

Options Coaching

If you know stock market and if you know options, then you will know that options has many options. You can join Shankar’s elite Options Mastery.

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