Do You Know Better Discipline Is Actually More Freedom?

Do You Know Better Discipline Is Actually More Freedom?

Self-discipline is the free man’s yoke. – John W. Gardner

What does discipline mean to you? What are the images that rush through your head?

For many, it means being tough on oneself by adhering to certain rules and maintaining order. Many relate discipline to pain and sacrifice. The English Dictionary defines ‘Discipline’ as regulations, order, systematic training.

In its true sense, the word ‘discipline’ translates as freedom. So, Discipline is freedom. Quite interesting!

This brings me to the story of a man and his nine year-old-son flying a kite. The little boy seemed perplexed while watching the kite soar high in the sky. He instantly questioned his father, “Dad, the kite can actually go still further up in the sky, but it is stuck there only because of the string.” The father instantly took a blade and cut the string holding the kite up high. The watched in horror as the kite came down to the ground in a few seconds. The father looked into the little-shocked eyes and comfortingly said, “Now you see son. It is the other way round. The string held the kite high up in the sky. The string gave the kite the freedom to fly high in the open sky. The kite would never reach such heights without the help of the string. The string adds the wings of freedom to the kite, my son”.

Now that string holding the kite defines the discipline. That is the factor that takes us to the top. Discipline catapults us into the skies of success and helps us stay there and enjoy the winds. The perfect reward!

Take the example of an exercise routine. A dedicated and disciplined exercise routine for an hour assures good health. A disciplined lifestyle gives you the freedom to spend ample time with your family. It even affects your work life. You are free from stressful deadlines and deliver the best at the earliest. Discipline in financial matters means great cash flow and zero cash crisis. With more money, you have the freedom to ‘do more’. And, discipline while trading is the mantra to success and bigger gains. Hence …


Taking off on a philosophical note, humans tend to pay for all the wrong moves in life. On the other hand, the right moves get you bigger pay-offs.

It is a wonderful feeling to earn your freedom through a disciplined way of life. The fact of setting free is motivating and rewarding. Freedom is the fruit of discipline. Your key to set free and live an independent life is an unchallenged mantra called Discipline.

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