You Only need “2 Skills” to unlock the door to Financial Confidence

You Only need “2 Skills” to unlock the door to Financial Confidence

It was the year 2008.

I was in the Pantry having a boring  Coffee from the Vending Machine. (I hated it, but it was free)

I got the news of Lehman Brothers and Stock Market Crash.

All my incentives and savings that I had earned in my 3 years of Sales Career was down by 50%.

After listening to family and friends, like a good kid, I had parked my hard earned money in Mutual Funds.

Little did I know that time what a Financial Risk is. How our hard earned money can be eroded in 1 day (or even in hours) of a market crash.

That is when I started my journey of finding ways to grow my money.

I know it has been a long journey. Started investing in courses, bought software tools, books and made friends with foreign traders.

The journey had its own highs and lows. The pivot point to this part of the journey came in the year 2011.

My failed attempt to become a full-time musician gave rise to a new chapter in my life.

That chapter defined what I am today.

The name of the Chapter is “Profit System”

I started a full-time research and development company in that name along with my friend Pradeep Kumar.

Profit System is an endeavour to help struggling traders (read investors as well) to find profitable strategies in the stock market.

While the strategies worked, we could not scale up the company. In other words, we could not sell our Tool licenses to the extent we wanted to sell.

But unconsciously I had acquired to skills.

  1. Skills to grow your money
  2. Skills to Earn money

If you are looking for a breakthrough in life, you just need these two skills.

Let us talk about Skills to earn money.

After my failed attempt at Profit System, I got into a couple of other companies where I honed my skills to earn more money.

It is proved beyond that, you need to be good at

  1. Negotiation Skills
  2. Persuasion Skills
  3. Influencing Skills
  4. Prospecting Skills
  5. Preframing Skills
  6. People Skills

The last one but the most important one is Closing Skills. While these skills look like they are related only Business Professionals & Sales Professionals, everybody else also need them.

If you want

  1. To crack an interview
  2. Propose a girl or a boy
  3. Sell your dreams to your parents/spouse
  4. Sell your ideas to your kids
  5. to Get a promotion

The list can go on and on.

I am on a mission to help people acquire these 2 skills to become financially confident.

It is not just the freedom, but it is the confidence that can make you a better person.

Join my VIP community today as I unfold this journey with you.

More power to your my friend.







5 thoughts on “You Only need “2 Skills” to unlock the door to Financial Confidence

  1. Praveen says:

    Good Article Sir, Short and to the point..

  2. Dr. Jayesh says:

    Impressed by Teaching Methods and Momentum of Positivity….

  3. Parul Choudhary says:

    Want to buy advance course

  4. I am Mohan Lal Rajput. ID
    I am a beginner and novice in this field with a rural and ‘Bhakti’ type mind set in which money is not a very coveted element in life. However, i know that to acquire any skill you need to practice. No amount of reading and listening will make me acquire any skills. I am wondering hoe Shankar ji is going to give us these skills I look forward to your program with great curiosity and hopes. . thank you.

  5. YR Babu says:

    I have enrolled for 5 day program.

    Kulkarni, you live by principles, practicing all the time, i had Privilege to perceive them. Great motivator and finest coach

    Never learned such a clear way on trading execution. Kuddos to you and your efforts. I wish and pray almighty for your success,

    Thank you, God bless us all.

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